Accept Freedom

By Reverend Amanda On Monday, when the kids and I got home the first thing we did was empty lunchboxes and then we went on the playground. Those kids sleep so much better when they have had time to run. Maddie was playing on the rock-climbing wall and Isaac had found a stick and was … [Read more…]

Love, Be Fruitful, and Change the World

by Reverend Amanda One of my aunts has a natural green thumb when it comes to plantings in her lawn. She knows just what to do to get a plant to grow. She knows the perfect placement for a plant in the yard based on what the sunlight needs are. She knows how to nurse … [Read more…]

Fear and Faith

by Reverend Amanda Fear is a very powerful emotion. It can and does stop people in their tracks, stops life from moving forward, and freezes one into inaction. As a runner, I have come across snakes, snapping turtles, dogs, and creepy people who followed me for up to 5 minutes at a time. It is … [Read more…]


by Reverend Amanda, As a student, I despised test taking. I place such great pressure upon myself to ace any test that I take that my own intense anxieties at times trip me up even on things I know inside and out. If I had a choice between taking a test or writing a 20-page … [Read more…]

Turn On a Light

by Reverend Amanda When I was a child, my brothers and I loved playing outside at dusk. One of my favorite games was to play hide-and-go-seek as the sun slipped below the horizon, when the shadows began to extend. My brother and I would hide simply by choosing a good shadow and lie in wait … [Read more…]

There is a Plan

By Reverend Amanda Sometimes I wonder what in the world God is thinking and what he has in store for the future. I had a mentor in seminary who one day said to me “Amanda, everything you experience in this life is meant to be used. There is a reason for everything and God has … [Read more…]

Happiness or Joy, Which Do You Seek?

by Reverend Amanda I am not a very graceful person by nature. I am very clumsy and have little to no rhythm. When I was in the Gospel choir at Eastern Connecticut State University, I had to learn to approach music and worship from a very different and uncomfortable perspective. In many ways, the lessons … [Read more…]

Reluctant Faith

by Reverend Amanda My eldest brother was always good for saying, “Relax… I know what I’m doing. Trust me.” The problem always was the more that he worked to convince everyone he knew what he was doing and the more confident he was, the more likely it was that he had no idea what he … [Read more…]

Rejection and Good News

by Reverend Amanda This week has been a very challenging week for my family with 2 sick toddlers and having to isolate. It is weeks like this that make one feel just totally inadequate and that no matter how well intentioned or hard one tries it just simply is not good enough. I reflected upon … [Read more…]

Authentic, Purpose Driven, and Annointed

by Reverend Amanda Growing up, I was always a bit of a loner. Despite being outgoing when I converse with people, I much prefer to just do my own thing than to be a part of large groups of people. I am much happier curled up on the couch with a good book than I … [Read more…]