The Power of Faith

by Reverend Amanda One of my mentors had a habit of just taking his binder with his sermon and leaving worship and going home for the day. Sometimes this would happen multiple weeks in a row. Other times it wouldn’t happen for months. Sometimes it would happen at the very beginning of worship and other … [Read more…]

A Light in the Darkness

by Reverend Amanda Epiphany Sunday Years ago, while in seminary, one the jobs I had on campus was night watch. I basically worked for the maintenance department and my job was to lock up the campus at night, check the furnace rooms to make sure everything was running smoothly, let people into their rooms when … [Read more…]

Wonder and Wanderings

by Reverend Amanda While in seminary, I was in Braintree MA preparing for a youth group ice cream social. And I was looking through all of the things I bought and I realized that I had forgotten the Jimmies everyone requested. I puzzled at the word “jimmies” that was neatly printed on my list and … [Read more…]

Hope, Wonder, and Awe

by Reverend Amanda I always loved the part of the Christmas story when the Wise men came from the East. As a little girl in the Christmas pageant, they were my favorite characters because they wore the crowns, the special costumes, and carried interesting and exotic gifts. But what sticks out to me now is … [Read more…]

Embrace the Joy – Proclaim the Good News

by Reverend Amanda When I was a teenager, I was an intensely private person. I pretty much lived every day in my bedroom with the door closed and did everything in my power to not let my parents or brothers know what was going on in my life. I particularly hated when my brothers would … [Read more…]

Keep Waiting, Keep Hoping, Keep Watch

by Reverend Amanda This is the first year that Madeleine is really able to understand the hype all around the Christmas season. She keeps asking when Santa is coming and when will we put up the Christmas tree and when people will put out their lights. These conversations started on Halloween. I look forward to … [Read more…]

What Rules Life: God or Stuff?

by Reverend Amanda The book of Revelations is not preached on often in mainline Christian denominations. Most people approach this book with trepidation and fear. Fear because it speaks to the end of the world as we know it and a call to justice and to make accounts for the actions of one’s life. This … [Read more…]

Come Seeking

by Reverend Amanda This week, Maddie misplaced her Boop (a stuffed elephant she loves). She could not remember where she left him last and it was time to go up to bed. As I announced “Ok Maddie time for bed”, a look of horror washed over her face as she realized she did not have … [Read more…]

What Drives Your Passion?

by Reverend Amanda What are some indications that you are excited and passionate about something? For me, when I truly believe in something, when I am passionate about something, it is always present on my mind. I dedicate time, energy, resources, and valuable space in my life to it. It is not something that I … [Read more…]