Connecting With God

When I was a little girl, I used to write letters back and forth with my step grandma. We would talk about the weather, my grandmother’s adventures as a woman living alone on a ranch, the funny happenings of our family, good books we have read, and when we might see one another again. We … [Read more…]

Be a Hero

My son loves Spiderman and my daughter is a ghost spider fan. They run around pretending to be Spiderman and pretending the web anyone they deem to be bad guys, which is just about everyone. They try to do flips and saying that they are going to save the world. My kids are no different … [Read more…]


Who has ever broken a promise? Our dictionary tells us a promise is an agreement to do something. In our scriptures these promises tend to show themselves in the form of covenants which are basically a promise from God to a person or people and a promise from the people or person to God. I … [Read more…]


One of my flaws is that I can be anal retentive. I have always been someone who fulfills my obligations and will work hard to do so even at my own expense. In school, I would work all day and most of the night writing papers and reading for my classes, working several jobs to … [Read more…]

Into God’s Hands

Trusting in a God that we cannot see is the most difficult in times of change, when it becomes easier to rely on the old familiar idols that bring us comfort. Our idols may not be golden calves or bulls, but they do exist just as they did in the ancient world. They just come … [Read more…]

Open Hearts, Open Hands

By Reverend Amanda, My sister-in-law Adrienne was in the Peace Corps and lived in Costa Rica for 2 years. So when looking into hospitality, I thought it was important to understand hospitality in different cultures. So I spoke with her about her experiences with hospitality in the very rural small village of Costa Rica she … [Read more…]

Belonging and Authenticity

By Reverend Amanda Have you ever walked into a room full of people and felt like, “I really don’t belong here”? Or have gone out with a group of people and felt like the spare wheel? We all have felt out of place at some point in life. As a child, I always wanted to … [Read more…]

Called to Compassion, Called to Love

By Reverend Amanda, When I think of Jesus’ command to love others as he has loved us, I feel as if I somehow fall short. I feel like I always need redirection to remind me that I need to love first and judge later. Love was a lesson my mother spent many long days trying … [Read more…]