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The Food Kitchen for Operation Hope
Chicken—any style—or your specialty. Mac and Cheese, Vegetables, Salad, Fruit, Desserts
Please see the sign up sheet at the church hall or call the church office (203-261-2527) or email during the week.
We could always use more volunteers to transport. Please note that we will not be meeting at the church until 4 PM on Food Kitchen Tuesdays, Oct 19 and Nov 16.
Food may be dropped off and put in the refrigerator ahead of time. Please mark that it is for Soup Kitchen. Paper/pens/tape are next to the refrigerator.
Food should be fully defrosted and delivered to the church hall by 3PM on the day of the Food Kitchen. Volunteers are asked to arrive by 4 PM to help load cars. We will carpool to the Operation Hope in Fairfield.
For questions or to make monetary donations towards miscellaneous items, please contact the office.
Please see Contact Us – The Congregational Church of Easton (

Non-perishable food is collected on the First Sunday of the month or dropped off at the Old Academy building anytime to remember those in need of experiencing God’s abundance. They are delivered the day of the food kitchen.