Pain, Compassion, and Faith

So I read the passages from the lectionary this week and cringed. If there are going to be any passages that I find cringe worthy and just in general try to avoid it would be the ones you heard this morning. I have a list of passages that I struggle with and avoid preaching on … [Read more…]

A Hopeful Life

Today we heard about a time in the history of the Kingdom of Judah where market values on property have just bottomed out. Not too different than what happened in the housing market crisis here in the United States in 2008. After the boom in the market we have recently experienced. I am waiting for … [Read more…]

Never Left Behind

The other day, I was getting ready to take both my kids to school. Unfortunately, my son dawdles some mornings. He won’t come sit down and put on his shoes. He’ll sometimes complain that he doesn’t want to get in the car. There is always some excuse for not doing the work to get ready … [Read more…]

Bump in the Night

When I was a child it didn’t take much to scare me. I was scared of the dark, the woods after dark, the family dog (the meanest dog you’d ever meet), Freddy Kruger (thanks to my older brothers), and vampires (thanks to my best friend). I remember very clearly, when together my best friend and … [Read more…]

Boundaries, Rules, and Guidelines

In my experience rules can be good at setting appropriate and needed boundaries and at other times rules can be little more than a way to hinder progress and good works. Rules can save lives and rules can prevent progress. I read a book called The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg some years ago … [Read more…]

Connecting With God

When I was a little girl, I used to write letters back and forth with my step grandma. We would talk about the weather, my grandmother’s adventures as a woman living alone on a ranch, the funny happenings of our family, good books we have read, and when we might see one another again. We … [Read more…]

Be a Hero

My son loves Spiderman and my daughter is a ghost spider fan. They run around pretending to be Spiderman and pretending the web anyone they deem to be bad guys, which is just about everyone. They try to do flips and saying that they are going to save the world. My kids are no different … [Read more…]


Who has ever broken a promise? Our dictionary tells us a promise is an agreement to do something. In our scriptures these promises tend to show themselves in the form of covenants which are basically a promise from God to a person or people and a promise from the people or person to God. I … [Read more…]

Conversations With God

One of my earliest memories is my fascination with the telephone. We had one of those old rotary phones that my parents rented from the phone company. I loved the motion of swirling the dial to call someone. I love the click, click, clicking of the dial as it went around. It was the only … [Read more…]