Special Services

Easton Church worship services

Please join us throughout the year for our special services. Holidays are important times of the year, when Christian churches come together as a community. These are great times to experience a congregation. All are welcome to join us during festive times of the Christian Calendar.

Maundy Thursday: This is an ancient Christian service dating back to the fourth century AD. This is typically an evening service held on the Thursday before Good Friday to honor the last moments of Christ. In Latin, this service is called Tenebrae meaning shadows, or the deepening of the shadows. We start the service in candle light and by the end we sit together in the darkness and in the silence. This is a moving service that prepares the heart and soul for the joy of Easter morning.

Easter: Easter is the celebration of the day of Resurrection, the day that Christ came back from the dead. This a time of celebration of new life and is a service filled with joy and hope in Christ. All are welcome to join in the celebrations.

Greening the Church: On the first Sunday of Advent we do a special and fun service as we work together to decorate our historic church for the Christmas season. We read about the history of the different decorations, sing familiar and fun carols and we deck the halls. All people are welcome to join us in this time of celebration and preparation for the Christmas season.

Christmas Eve: On Christmas Eve we gather together for worship and to hear the birth story of Christ. We sing carols, have special music from our holiday choir, and we end with the light Christ being passed from person to person as we sing Silent Night. It is a service that reminds us of the hope, joy, love, and peace offered to all with the birth of our Savior.

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