Christian Education


Christian Education is not just for children and youth! At Easton Congregational Church, Christian Education is for all people no matter the age, and can range from learning about the Bible to book studies to religious studies to understanding our faith and our historical background as a church. It is the belief that with Christian Education we might find hope, peace, support and direction for our life goals and experiences. We hope you will join us for our Christian Educational Opportunities throughout the year.


Children’s Worship and Education

Register your child for Children’s Worship and Education this fall! It is the perfect opportunity for your children to make lasting relationships, learn about God, and service. We run a one room schoolhouse style Children’s Worship and Education so children of all ages have the opportunity to learn through activities and interactions with one another. Children start a Sunday morning in worship with the adults and after the Children’s Talk they leave with their teacher to participate in Sunday School.

  • Time: 10 am Sunday mornings
  • When: Starting September 9th with an ice cream social to follow
  • Who: All children ages 3 to 12, ages 13+ can be assistants

If you have any questions, you can reach us at our contact us page. To register your child, follow the link to  Sunday School Registration

Adult Bible Study

We will be studying 2 Samuel this Fall. We hope you will join us on October 10th at 3:30 in the Bishop room. All you need is your Bible, all versions welcome. We welcome people from all faith backgrounds to join us for this study. We hope to see you there. 2 Samuel walks us through the lives of Israels greatest kings, their rise and their fall. This book promises lessons on relationships, and inspiration for our lives.

2 Samuel Bible Study Session 1

2 Samuel Syllabus




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