Christian Education


Christian Education is not just for children and youth! At Easton Congregational Church, Christian Education is for all people no matter the age, and can range from learning about the Bible to book studies to religious studies to understanding our faith and our historical background as a church. It is the belief that with Christian Education we might find hope, peace, support and direction for our life goals and experiences. We hope you will join us for our Christian Educational Opportunities throughout the year.


Children’s Church

Children’s Church will remain online through the new year. If you would like to get weekly lessons to do at home with you children please contact the church office at to get added to our mailing list.


Adult Bible Study

Join us for online Spring Bible Study through Zoom! We begin on April 14th at 3:30PM. We will be studying the first 11 chapters of Genesis together. All are welcome to join us. If you are interested just follow the link or phone number below. We hope to see you there!

  •   What: Genesis 1-11
  •   When: April 14th at 3:30PM and lasts for 9 weeks
  •   What do I Need: Bible, notepad, pencil
  •   Who: All people from all traditions are welcome
  • For charts and maps please email Rev. Amanda at
  • Zoom Link: 
  • Meeting ID: 869 2989 9126
  • Optional Phone: 1 929 205 6099

Bible Study Genesis Spring 2021 Part 1

Reflection Questions Genesis 1.1-2.4

Reflection Questions Genesis 2.4b-3.24

Reflection Questions Genesis 4.1-16

Reflection Questions Genesis 4.17-6.4