baptisms at Easton Church

Baptism is an important part in the life of a Christian. It is through baptism that an individual is incorporated into the universal church, the body of Christ. The water and the signs convey a rebirth into a life with Jesus Christ. We are told that, “Through baptism, Christians are brought into union with Christ, with each other and with the church of every time and place.”[1]

As a participating church in the United Church of Christ, we welcome people through the act of baptism both as children and as adults. All Baptisms are done during Sunday morning church service. You can read more about our worship services here.

There is a difference between these two forms of Baptism:

  • Infant Baptism: When an infant or child is baptized, one or both parents and God parents are present promising to assume certain responsibilities for the Christian education of the child. The congregation also takes on certain responsibilities promising to nurture the spiritual growth of the child. As the child grows into a youth, they are then given the opportunity to affirm their baptism through a confession of their faith in the act of confirmation.
  • Adult Baptism: Happens when an individual was not baptized as a child. It happens when an individual makes a choice to mark their acceptance into the care of Christ’s church, of their participation in God’s forgiveness. It marks the beginning of their new growth into full Christian faith. Here the sponsors should be a member of the church. This often is accompanied by a confession of faith.

*It should be noted that Baptism should happen only once in an individual’s life.


  1. Speak with Rev. Basler about your desire to be baptized or to have your child baptized.
  2. Pick Godparents for your child
  3. Share your child’s date of birth, full name, and the full names of the parents
  4. Day of Baptism: parents, Godparents, and the Congregation will answer questions and take oaths to raise you the child by the teachings of Jesus and to take on responsibility to care for the spiritual needs of the child as they grow.


  1. You/Your child will be baptized with waters from the river Jordan
  2. You will receive a certificate of baptism. A copy is kept here in the church office for our records.

If you would like to be baptized or have your children baptized please contact the church office at (203)261-2526 or use our contact page.

[1] Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry, Faith and Order Paper No. 111 (Geneva: World Council of Churches, 1982).

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