We are affiliated with a number of organizations, both local and national. You can find out more information about these organizations here.


United Church of Christ (UCC)Formed in 1957, the United Church of Christ (UCC) is a union of four historic American Protestant denominations. The Congregational Church of Easton joined the UCC that year. Since then, other groups have joined the UCC, creating a diverse open community of Christians. Within the UCC, individual congregations create a covenant with each other and with God. The ability to create their own covenants affords each church a degree of autonomy. In addition, each church can choose its own name and select its own minister.

The UCC emphasizes trustful relationships, unity, openness, engagement in the service of humankind, and a continual process of learning about peoples’ relationship with one another and with God.



Connecticut United Church of Christ (CTUCC)The Connecticut Conference is one of 39 regional conferences in the 1.5 million member UCC. The Connecticut Conference is a direct descendant of the Congregational Christian Conference of Connecticut, which held its first Annual Meeting in 1867. The Conference includes two additional legal entities with a distinguished history of mission and ministry: the Missionary Society of Connecticut was founded in 1798 to bring the Christian gospel to the “heathen lands” of Vermont and Ohio. The Trustees of the Fund for Ministers oversee supplements to the retirement income of Connecticut’s Clergy. Both organizations are governed by the Board of Directors elected by the Connecticut Conference.


council of churches of greater bridgeport (CCGB)The Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport (CCGB) is a faith-based, non-denominational, non-profit organization serving the needs of “at-risk” and “in crisis” people and families in the Greater Bridgeport Area since 1945. Easton Congregational Church is one of 82 member churches that provides donations and partnerships to help reconcile youth with their families, shrink educational achievement gaps, help offenders successfully re-enter society, feed the hungry, and tack urgent social issues.