Rev. Amanda Ostrove

Easton church pastor Rev Amanda OstroveReverend Amanda Ostrove graduated from Andover Newton Theological School with a Masters of Divinity in 2008, and was ordained later that same year in the NACCC. She received privilege of call in the UCC in 2013 and now holds standing in two congregational denominations. She is passionate about helping people discover God during all stages of life.

Rev. Amanda loves to teach and has spent eight years as a preschool teacher working with underprivileged students. As a teacher, she received a teaching certificate in Early Childhood education. Teaching gave her a chance to learn about the ever changing and growing needs of young families.

She enjoys learning about history with a special love for local church and Biblical history. Rev. Amanda loves to spend time with her husband and dog Maia going for long walks and hikes. She has a passion for hearing and sharing stories, believing these stories are how we learn and create lasting relationships in life.

Rev. Amanda has extensive experience working with small churches. She values the importance of a strong church community that can support and care for all people. She longs to help others realize that church is a place where strangers come together to find a home and family.

We invite you to take a look at Rev. Amanda’s sermons.

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