How to Prepare for Worship

How to Prepare for Worship

In our busy world, we sometimes forget how to quiet our minds and how to connect with God. These practices will help you prepare your hearts for the word of God and to feel the movement of the Spirit in worship.

  1. Pre-Arrival Preparation Activities

Activities participate in on Sunday mornings before we gather matter. They affect our ability to worship, both positively and negatively. It is important to assess our state of readiness for worship. This helps get our minds thinking about church.

Ask yourself before coming to church:

What is the state of my spirit and the readiness of my heart?

Are my morning activities preparing my heart for worship?

  1. Pre-Worship

Intentionally quieting our spirits before service begins enables us to set aside distractions and focus our attention on God.

Action: Enter into worship and listen to the quietness of the place of worship. Work to quiet your mind.

Prayer: Help me, O God, to receive your revelation with gratefulness and humility.

  1. Post- Service Continuation

Continuing the spiritual connectedness outside of worship is essential. Carry the message, acts of prayer, and centering contemplation with you to your home lives and work lives.

Prayer: Help me, O God, to respond to you in word, deed, and heart.

Ask yourself: How can I live into this message today?