Historical Reenactment

On September 20th, we will be working with the Easton Historical Society to honor the Revolutionary history of the town of Easton in CT. We will be doing a colonial worship service at 10:00am at the site of the reenactment at 515 Morehouse Road. The service will echo some of the elements of the type of worship practiced at the time. We will be making some accommodations for modern worship particularly when comes to timing. Our service will be outside on that day and we will hear a sample of what their sermons and prayers would have been like. All of our parishioners are invited to attend worship with us at this site. Services will be free to parishioners, just state that you are a member of the Congregational Church of Easton at the gate. You may want to join in the festivities by dressing in costume but this is not required for participation. For more information and ticket prices for the rest of the festivities on that day please follow this link <http://historicalsocietyofeastonct.org/>